We are not your average Real Estate Brokerage and we can prove it!


We are a Real Estate holding founded in 2004 on a commitment to professionalism and customer service, which remains the cornerstone of our business philosophy today – a global organization committed to making real estate investment accessible and profitable for clients across the hemisphere – at every stage of the process.

Our experience has helped make the dream of homeownership a reality for all our customers and a profitable portfolio for our investor, locally & internationally.



José Collado is the president of DecoNova International Group, an organization focusing on providing top tier consultations, buy and sell services, and the complete management of real estate investments in the State of Florida.

Licensed in Marketing from the University of Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile, he has a wealth of experience in the U.S. Real Estate market. 

An an expert in new investment models through luxury developments, he’s recognized as a visionary in real estate tied to the hospitality market. he speaks frequently in national and international markets, and is a renowned real estate instructor.




Yamile Villalobos has been an entrepreneur from a young age, and has always made an effort to have a keen focus on goal-setting and achieving her objectives. As such, she has been grateful to leverage her career in the commercial space in Chile to her current achievements in Florida’s market.

One key that is a cornerstone for her success is constant education, assuring that each of her associates or employees is given ample chance to grow, learn, and provide consistently improving opportunities for themselves and their families.

Thanks to this philosophy, today, more than 300 associates in Miami, Fort Myers, and Orlando have learned how to take the reins of their own professional excellence, and their careers.

She is bullish on continuing to provide the best for her clients and those who choose to place their trust in her.

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